Laborers’ Local #196

Laborers’ Local #196 is affiliated with LIUNA, 500,000 strong, we are united through collective bargaining agreements which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits and the opportunity for advancement and better lives.

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Wage Rates & Remittance Forms

Laborers Local 196 (Monroe County, IL.) Journeyman Wages
August 1st, 2023 – July 31st, 2024

Calculations Based On the Following:
Downstate Illinois Laborers’ District Council

Total Package: $63.72     $61.88 + $1.84 (Training, LECET, SICAP)

Time and One-half: $61.88 * 1.5 = $92.82 + $1.84 = $94.66

Double Time: $61.88 * 2 = $123.76 + $1.84 = $125.60

Gross on check:
Straight Time: $31.56
Time and One-Half: $62.50
Double Time: $93.44

*Health/Welfare, Pension, Annuity, Training, LECET, SICAP are in addition to the Straight Time, Overtime & Double Time amounts. LPL & District Council check-off are a deduction from the Straight Time, Overtime & Double Time amounts shown above.

**Working Dues are: $1.90 per hour for Straight Time, $2.75 per hour for Overtime & $3.75 per hour for Double Time.  Working Dues payable to: Laborers’ Local 196, 106 S. Market St. Waterloo, IL. 62298 for any work performed in Monroe County, IL.

Fringe Benefit Contributions:
Health: $8.03 per hour all hours worked
Pension: $14.29 per hour all hours worked
Annuity: $8.00 per hour all hours worked
Training: .80 per hour all hours worked
LECET:  .89 per hour all hours worked
SICAP:  .15 per hour all hours worked
LPL:  .05 per hour deducted after taxes
District Council check-off: .92 per hour deducted after taxes

Total Benefits: $32.16 per hour all hours worked.

Central Laborers’ Pension, Welfare and Annuity Funds
PO Box 1267, Jacksonville, IL 62651
Phone: (217) 243-8521
Toll Free: 1-800-252-6571

Med-Pay, Inc.
PO Box 10909, Springfield, MO 65808
Phone: (417) 886-6886
Toll Free: 1-800-777-9087
Fax: (417) 886-2276

LiUNA Midwest Region
1 North Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 525
Springfield, Illinois 62701
Phone: (217) 522-3381

Southwestern Illinois Laborers’ Annuity Fund
100 North 17th Street
Belleville, IL 62223
Phone: (618) 233-4121

Illinois Laborers’ & Contractors Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program
1730 750 N Ave
Mt Sterling, IL 62353-4521
Phone: 1-877-773-2741

Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America
905 16th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006
Phone: (202) 628-5465
Fax:  (202) 628-2613

Southern Illinois Laborers’ & Employers Benefit Funds
5100 Laborers Way, Suite A
Marion, IL 62959
Phone: (618) 998-1300 Fax: (618) 997-9063

Laborers’ International Union of North America
905 16th Street, Northwest
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 737-8320

Downstate Illinois Laborers District Council
20 Bronze Pointe North
Swansea, IL 62226
Phone: (618) 234-2704
Fax: (618) 234-2721


Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer: Greg T. Kipping
President: Kevin Washausen
Vice-President: Bob Koch
Recording Secretary: Chris Muertz
Sergeant-at-Arms: Neal Wetzler

Executive Board: Tyler Weber
Executive Board: Jim Yakel
Executive Board: George Brady

Auditor: Nathan Ruehle
Auditor: Brian Eckart
Auditor: Robert Mathews

Apprenticeship Program

On February 3, 1997, the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, awarded the Illinois Laborers’ and Contractors’ Training Trust Fund a Certificate of Registration for Apprenticeship Training for the trade of Construction Craft Laborer. The Training Program soon began implementing its first apprenticeship program, administered by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC). The JATC is composed of twelve members, six appointed by the union and six by the employers.

Instructors are dedicated to giving quality training in everything from Asbestos Abatement, General Construction, and Hazardous Waste Removal to Welding. They train more than 5,500 Union Laborers a year and offer an apprenticeship program to qualified men and women who are interested in a career as a construction craft laborer with all the advantages of the Laborers’ Union…good wages, great health and welfare benefits and lots of advancement opportunities.

Click for more information about the Illinois Laborers & Contractors Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program

Laborers' Local 196 | Mt. Sterling Training Center